Make Rounded IDE Cables

This is my first little guide I have ever done… so if you don't like it, well Tough!!!

In this guide you will learn how to make your cables Aerodynamic or as some people say, rounded.



1. To do this you need three basic things: an old ribbon cable, some tape (I have found electrical tape to be the best,) and a knife of some sort. I know I really don't need the big 5” knife, but it's the only one I had around.



2. After you gather your supplies, you must cut the cable in the seems. Simply place the knife inside a seam, and press. Voila! You have done the hard part. Make the cut about 1” to 1.5” long. Remember that there are 40 individual wires, so cut apart every 2 wires or so, I chose every three. The fewer wires you skip, the smaller and more controlled the finalized product will be.



3. After you have seperated all your cables, you need to carefully pull the cable apart. Failure to do this carefully can rip a wire out of the header, or even pull the insulation off of a wire.



4. Your cable should look something like this when you get all of them separated.



5. Next, you need to squeeze your cables together and roll some of that fine electrical tape over that momma.



Presto!!! The top of your cable is done! Just repeat these steps again for the bottom half of the cable and you are done. Have fun with your Fan-Friendly cables! Happy Modding!

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